So I go get my son a haircut and I notice the lady cutting his hair is a huge Steeler fan. Bracelets. necklace, purse, the whole nine yards. I live in Florida by the way. She says she is from Pittsburgh and known as "Pittsburgh Donna". I tell her that I am looking for tix for the Browns finale in Pitt. She calls Bill Hillgrove (voice of Steelers) and gets me 2 front row tix that will be in my name and Mr Hillgroves. They will be waiting in will call the day of the game. Tix will be super cheap and I only met her once. So I guess thanx are in order to Pitt Donna and Mr Hillgrove but wondering your all thoughts...she has nothing to gain as I will pay at will call for the face value of the ticket. (instead of ebay, saving some $) Anyone else gotten tix through Mr Hillgrove. I feel I just got treated like family all the way down here in Florida. Her Grandad or Uncle played LB for the Steelers in the 50's and 60's. A little nervous going to the game without tix until I get to will call...I m going a long way. But she promised on the grave of Art Rooney that the tix will be there. Plus my son gets free haircuts the rest of his life if tix not there.