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They won 8 games and we've won 6. They have lost 3 games compared to our 5. So much for rankings. I'll trade their rankings for ours and take the two more wins, what about you?

To quote the great Mike Tomlin, "we're not interested in style points." All that matters is the "W" and the Ravens are finding a way to get one and we aren't. I could care less about rankings.
I agree with all of this. But you were specifically supporting their defense (which sucks this year compared to past years), while putting down ours by comparison (which isn't our problem right now whatsoever). The fact is that we are a better defensive team than they are (probably has a lot to do with all of the injuries they have on the defensive side of the ball) while they are a better offensive team than we are (probably has a lot to do with all of the injuries we have on the offensive side of the ball). They also have solid special teams play, while our special teams pretty much sucks except for Suisham (never thought I'd say that).