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Thread: Build your best possible roster with one (and only one) player from each NFL team

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    Build your best possible roster with one (and only one) player from each NFL team

    Steeler players not included. You'll be making a 31 man team. In addition to the usual starting 11 on both sides of the ball, I'll give you 2 extra players on offense and defense, plus 5 dedicated special teamers.

    On offense, you'll choose 1 QB, 2 RB's, 1 FB, 3 WR's, 1 TE, 2 OT's, 2 OG's, and 1 C. That's 13 guys.

    On defense, you'll choose 2 DE's, 2 DT's, 2 OLB's, 2 ILB's, 1 SS, 1 FS, and 3 CB. That's also 13 guys.

    On special teams, you'll choose 1 K, 1 P, 1 KR, 1 PR, and 1 LS. Combined with the other 26, that makes 31.

    Remember, you get one and only one player from each NFL team (Steelers excluded). This is an exercise in building a team from the ground up, so take age into account. You might love Peyton Manning and Ed Reed, but how much longer will those guys be around? Pick a team that you think should be able to dominate now as well as in the future.

    Here is my team:

    QB Aaron Rodgers, GB
    RB Adrian Peterson, MIN
    RB Lesean McCoy, PHI
    FB Marcel Reece, OAK
    WR Calvin Johnson, DET
    WR A.J. Green, CIN
    WR Julio Jones, ATL
    TE Rob Gronkowski, NE
    OT Jake Long, MIA
    OT Joe Thomas, CLE
    OG Carl Nicks, TB
    OG Jahri Evans, NO
    C Ryan Kalil, CAR

    DE J.J. Watt, HOU
    DE Jason Pierre-Paul, NYG
    DT Haloti Ngata, BAL
    DT Marcel Dareus, BUF
    OLB Von Miller, DEN
    OLB Ryan Kerrigan, WAS
    ILB Patrick Willis, SF
    ILB James Laurinaitis, STL
    SS Eric Berry, KC
    FS Earl Thomas, SEA
    CB Darrelle Revis, NYJ
    CB Patrick Peterson, ARZ
    CB Morris Claiborne, DAL

    K Rob Bironas, TEN
    P Mike Scifres, SD
    KR Devin Hester, CHI
    PR T.Y. Hilton, IND
    LS Jeremy Cain, JAX

    Some swaps I considered: Flip-flopping the quarterbacks and punt returners (of all things) between the Packers and Colts (considered Andrew Luck as my QB with Randall Cobb as my PR instead of Rodgers and Hilton), but I think Rodgers should have plenty of years left in him and he has already shown that he has what it takes to win a championship (for how impressive Luck has been so far, we haven't seen him in the playoffs yet). I also thought about swapping inside linebackers for nickel corners between the Cowboys and Rams (considered Sean Lee as a ILB and Janorris Jenkins as a CB instead of Laurinaitis and Claiborne). I also worried a bit about the short shelf life of RB's, replacing Adrian Peterson with Doug Martin (which would allow me to use my Viking slot on Percy Harvin as a kick returner), but after seeing Peterson come back from a late season ACL tear to be the best RB in football once again, I'm convinced he's a cyborg of some kind. Anyway, have at it, folks! I challenge you all to build a better roster than mine!

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    Great thread concept, and excellent personnel selection.

    But I'd rather have two TEs on offense and not carry a fullback (that's not meant to denigrate Reece, who I think is a fine player).

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    Quote Originally Posted by tiproast View Post
    Great thread concept, and excellent personnel selection.

    But I'd rather have two TEs on offense and not carry a fullback (that's not meant to denigrate Reece, who I think is a fine player).
    So tiproast is actually Bruce Arians. It all makes sense now.

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    I tried going as young as I could, then it got challenging and I had to mix in a couple middle age players. If anyone else tries to do this, I'd suggest starting with OLine. I did them last and it made it a bit of a challenge. I decided to move Bulaga to G and I cheated and put in Decastro.

    QB RGIII - Was
    RB Doug Martin - Tam
    RB Richardson - Cle
    WR - Brandon Marshall - Chi
    WR - Julio Jones - Atl
    TE - Gronk - NE
    TE - Graham - NO
    OT - Tyron Smith - Dal
    OT - Kalil - Min
    OG - Bulaga - GB
    OG - DD - Pit
    C - Mike Pouncey - Mia

    DE - JJ Watt - Hou
    DE - JPP - NYG
    DT - Suh - Det
    DT - Atkins - Cin
    OLB - Von Miller - Den
    OLB - Aldon Smith - SF
    ILB - Laurinaitis - STL
    ILB - Posluszny - Jac
    SS - Berry - KC
    FS - Thomas - Sea
    CB - Revis - NYJ
    CB - Patrick Peterson - AZ

    K - Janikowski - Oak
    P - Kern - Ten
    KR/PR - Jacoby Jones - Balt

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    Okay, on the basis of tiproast's suggestion that we allow 2 TE's in lieu of a FB (shocked that a New England fan would want 2 TE's), and the fact that flippy already has 2 TE's on his roster, I suppose I will allow that.

    Solid effort overall, flip...however, I simply cannot allow any Steelers (that was the point of the exercise...determining players from other teams' rosters that you would love to have on your team), so DeCastro must be removed and replaced. You did not use anyone from the Eagles, Panthers, Bills, Colts, and Chargers, so you have 5 more selections to make. Pick a guard from one of these teams instead to replace DeCastro. And then from the 4 remaining squad in that list, you can add another WR, another CB, another return man (make Jacoby Jones the kick returner or punt returner, not both), and then for the last remaining team, just list their current long snapper. Done.

    Tiproast, if you want to submit a roster with one player from every team except New England, have at it!

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    Quote Originally Posted by msp26505 View Post
    So tiproast is actually Bruce Arians. It all makes sense now.
    It explains why the Patriots were able to call out Steeler playcalls at the LOS. Brucey was the WR coach at the time. He gave the information to the hoodie in order to undermine Wiz. He was then able to promote to OC when Wiz left.

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    I was having a hard time keeping track of the teams remaining. I'll update when I get some time. And I'll remove DD.

    I figured I'd rather add another TE than a WR and then I dropped my FB because I thought he's not gonna get much playing time in this all star lineup.

    I figured JJ could return both since he returned both for TDs the last 2 weeks. And I have no idea about the LS. I barely pay attention to our own.

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    Ourlads has good updated depth charts for each team (so you can find out, for example, who a team's long snapper is).


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    QB-Andrew Luck-Colts
    2RB-Trent Richardson-Browns,CJ Spiller-Bills
    1FB-John Kuhn-Packers(hehheh)
    3WR-AJ Green-Bengals,Megatron,Julio Jones-Falcons
    2OT-Jake Long-Miami,Gabe Carimi-Bears
    2G-Davin Joseph-Buccs,Corey Lichtensteiger-Redskins
    1C-Nick Mangold-Jets

    2DE-JJ Watt-Texans,Justin Tuck-Giants
    2DT-Haloti Ngata,Antonio Garay-Chargers
    2ILB-Patrick Willis-49ers,James Laurenitis-Rams
    2OLB-Von Miller-Broncos,O'Brien Schofield-Cardinals
    1SS-Eric Berry-Chiefs
    1FS-Earl Thomas-Seahawks
    3CB-Morris Claiborne-Cowboys,Shawntae Spencer-Raiders,Patrick Robinson-Saints

    1K-Rob Bironas-Titans
    1P-Bryan Anger-Jaguars
    1KR-Percy Harvin-Vikings
    1PR-Desean Jackson-Eagles
    1LS-JJ Hansen-Panthers


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    Offense Player Team Age
    QB Robert Griffin III Redskins 22
    RB Trent Richardson Browns 21
    RB Ray Rice Ravens 25
    WR A. J. Green Bengals 24
    WR Julio Jones Falcons 23
    WR Randall Cobb Packers 22
    TE Jimmy Graham Saints 26
    TE Jared Cook Titans 25
    LT Jake Long Dolphins 27
    LG Carl Nicks Buccaneers 27
    C Maurkice Pouncey Steelers 23
    RG Louis Vasquez Chargers 25
    RT Todd Herremans Eagles 30
    DE Jason Pierre-Paul Giants 23
    DE J.J. Watt Texans 23
    DT Nick Fairley Lions 24
    DT Marcel Dareus Bills 23
    ILB Luke Keuchley Panthers 21
    ILB Daryl Washington Cardinals 26
    OLB Aldon Smith 49ers 23
    OLB Von Miller Broncos 23
    CB Darrelle Revis Jets 27
    CB Morris Claiborne Cowboys 22
    CB Richard Sherman Seahawks 24
    SS Eric Berry Chiefs 23
    FS Tyvon Branch Raiders 25
    Special Teams
    Kicker Greg Zuerlien Rams 24
    Punter Brain Anger Jaguars 24
    K Returner T.Y. Hilton Colts 23
    P Returner Devin Hester Bears 30
    Long Snapper Cullen Loeffler Vikings 31
    Average Age 24.5

    That was a difficult exercise. As noted by previous posters, even when you try to keep the age down, it creeps up. I didn't want to have anyone over 30, but it just didn't work out for me.

    Also, I'm not all that pleased with my offensive line. But since one team isn't represented by a player, I'll select the Patriots coaching staff, and have Dante Scarnecchia solidify the o-line.
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