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Thread: I need the opinion of the board

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    I always get compliments on my Steelers stuff at other sporting events. Wear it proudly brother

    Molon labe

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    American metal pimped by asiansteel
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    The Pens sweater with a Steelers cap sounds good to me.

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    I went to see the Bills/Chiefs game in Buffalo in 1996 with a friend of mine from college. He was a HUGE Chiefs fan, and I hadn't seen a game at that stadium yet, so I went to support him. However, I opted to wear the Steelers sweatshirt and my Towel despite the non-Steeler game. It was actually my buddy who got more grief for wearing a Montana Chiefs jersey as people kept yelling "Montana doesn't play for them any more!".

    Having said that, it's always good to keep your girlfriend/wife happy and do what's needed. Hope you enjoy the game.

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    When in doubt, go shirtless and run through the stands. No one will notice.

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    Another option would be a bag on your head to support the saints and Steelers gear on your body.


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