Time to come clean and give yourself some props for some bad calls you've made when looking at the Steelers. What are your top 5 bad calls where you couldn't have been more wrong? No repeats please.

Bonus points for remember something idiotic someone else said.

Like the Steelers, we fans need to heal our past wounds in preparation for the run to 7.

Flippy Top 5 Bad Calls:

1. Limas Sweed would be a stud WR
2. Keenan Lewis was mediocre and wouldn't hold down a starting job
3. Kordell Stewart was good enough to win a SuperBowl
4. Dirt was a 1st ballot HOFer
5. Brett Keisel would get 10 sacks when he replaced Kimo

I can think of a lot more for myself. But I'm having a hard time remembering others bad calls. No bonus points for Flippy

Who's next?