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Thread: A Steelers related story from an unexpected place

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    A Steelers related story from an unexpected place

    Hello! This is the user formerly known as ColumbusSteelerFan. Since I now am back in Pittsburgh, and finally somewhat settled in there, I had the chance to get around to picking a new name and start posting again. The move back overall's been good, but still ongoing unfortunately, but that's for another thread.

    Anyway, I'm in Houston for a few days as my new company's main headquarters is here and we have some work to finish on our big project for the end of the year. Since I was on my own last night, I checked the sports schedule and saw that the Rockets were home hosting the Raptors. Not a fan of either team, but I figured I'd at least see the "Linsanity" for myself and see my first NBA game in I don't know how many years.

    After I get into the arena, I head to the escalator to get to my seat. An usher there stopped me to comment on my Pistons hat (no NBA in the 'Burgh, so that's who I'm for). Turns out as he was an older guy he lived in Detroit and saw Dave Bing and all the other old Pistons from years ago. I told him that my Dad saw them in Ft. Wayne as a kid before they moved out of there, which I think took him back a bit. Anyway, I mentioned that I lived in Pittsburgh now, and he proceeds to tell me that before coming to Houston...he was an usher at Super Bowl XL! Very cool. Not easy to find anyone that can say that!

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    Welcome Nooby.

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    With your new name, I won't confuse you with buckeyehoppy anymore.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RuthlessBurgher View Post
    With your new name, I won't confuse you with buckeyehoppy anymore.
    Ha, good, because I'm the furthest from a Buckeye fan that you can find! Looking forward to getting back home tomorrow and getting away from all the Texans stuff I see around here, ugh.

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    Welcome back man. I'll hold down Columbus for you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Iron Shiek View Post
    Welcome back man. I'll hold down Columbus for you.
    Sounds good. And if you or anyone you know wants to buy or rent a house there, let me know!


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