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Thread: Do you realize that the Steelers could be drafting as high as...

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    Quote Originally Posted by pfelix73 View Post
    Well, the way the AFC is positioned right now, we'd have to lose all of the games from here on out NOT to take that #6 seed. That would mean another trip to the playoffs and even with an early exit, that would still put us around #20,21, 22 for a 1st round pick.

    We're gonna start to get everyone back from injury here in the very near future. Games we should easily win are Dallas, SD, Cincy, and Cleve. 10-6.
    Sorry to be "doom and gloom" but without Ben at near 100% we are not beating Dallas or Cincinatti. The latter is playing much better.
    Playing Fantasy Football does not qualify you to be the in the front office or on the coaching staff of the Pittsburgh Steelers. They are professionals and you are not!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Oviedo View Post
    Sorry to be "doom and gloom" but without Ben at near 100% we are not beating Dallas or Cincinatti. The latter is playing much better.
    are they really playing better football? The Giants always stink it up in November so I'm not putting too much stock in that win... and they beat teams they are supposed to beat that we lost to WITH Ben.

    They just feel like the typical Bungals to me...

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    Since everyone and their mother on this board has been talking about the front office failures of developing a young QB behind Ben (had to keep Leftwich and Batch beyond their expiration dates), I wonder if the front office would be willing to go back to Miami of Ohio and use a mid-round pick on their QB, Zac Dysert?

    Final Ruthless Mock:
    1.22 CB Marcus Peters, 6'0" 197 lbs., Washington
    2.56 FS Damarious Randall, 5'11" 196 lbs., Arizona State
    3.87 TE Clive Walford, 6'4" 251 lbs., Miami
    4.121 DE Henry Anderson, 6'6" 294 lbs., Stanford
    5.160 WR Titus Davis, 6'1" 196 lbs., Central Michigan
    6.199 OLB Kyle Emanuel, 6'3" 255 lbs., North Dakota State
    6.212c OLB Max Valles, 6'5" 251 lbs., Virginia
    7.239 RB John Crockett, 6'0" 217 lbs., North Dakota State

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    Quote Originally Posted by steelblood View Post
    It is all speculation at this point, but I don't believe Te'o will be the first linebacker taken nor is he the best linebacker in the draft. Jarvis Jones is the best and may be the first player taken overall. Now, perhaps you meant best inside linebacker in the draft. I'd agree with that.
    Jarvis Jones is not the best Linebacker in the draft and he's not even the best pass rusher in the draft.

    Jones also has a major potential issue with his neck in that his spine is narrowing. That is part of why he left USC. This long term potential career shortening health condition will cause him to drop into the late teens. He's not going to be the first player chosen.


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