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Thread: Who's your starting RB for Ravens part 2 (or part II...)

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    Who's your starting RB for Ravens part 2 (or part II...)

    Not to overstate the obvious regarding how important it will be to run the ball (the Ravens are 26th in the league with 128.5 running yards allowed per game); if you're Haley, which back gets the start to see if the running game can get going (knowing the ravens will stack the line and dare them to throw)?

    Ravens Game:

    Dwyer 12 for 55 yards (4.6 per carry)
    Mendenhall 11 for 33 yards (3 per carry)
    Redman 1 for 5 yards (5 per carry)
    Rainey NA

    Browns Game:

    Dwyer 9 for 19 yards (2.1 per carry)
    Mendenhall 4 for 6 yards (1.5 per carry)
    Redman 2 for 7 yards (3.5 per carry)
    Rainey 5 for 17 yards (3.4 per carry)

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    Tomlin will probably open up the game going 5 wide to send a message that he's benching them all.

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    I think at this point you have to go with Dwyer

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    No question I'm going with Dwyer

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    Quote Originally Posted by toddjammin View Post
    No question I'm going with Dwyer
    I would probably go with Dwyer, but I have many questions....

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    Dwyer is clearly the best RB we have....his issue is he can only carry the ball two times before he has to come out of the game for a break. Doesn't come off as a guy battling for the feature back slot.....which annoys me. He should be able to stay on the field for an entire drive....not need breaks after two 8 yard runs. Thats like Casey Hampton territory which tells me Dwyer needs to be in better shape.
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    If Mendy didn't fumble in the second half I would have said Mendy. If all are healthy, I go with Dwyer. Mendy would spell him and Redman would be situational. If Dwyer's fumble is one & done it stays that way for the home stretch. No fumbles are tolerated but I give Dwyer's a bang-bang account. Mendy & Redman was ball security issue.
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    I have to admit that I was not on the Dwyer bandwagon when the season started. However, he has really grown on me. He runs hard and has quick feet. I just wish he was better conditioned and didn't have to come out after a a few runs....I am sure they will work on that in the offseason.

    Mendenhall is the best athlete and most explosive runner but just doesn't seem to run hard and/or with conviction like he has in the past...too much spinning, dancing and twittering for me...

    I still like Redman, but at this point I would give the nod to Dwyer...


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    Announced that Dwyer will be starting with Redman as the #2 and Mendenhall as the #3.

    I like Dwyer the best of the grouop, but I prefer him with Ben as the QB. A bigger RB, slower RB without much of a passing threat leaves me concerned that the Ravens will stack the box. Mendenhall is at least a bit of a threat on the edges and I wouldn't mind seeing him get a few carries as a change of pace.


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