We started out the season with a lot of guys less than 100%. And the sky was falling and Steeler nation was ready to collectively jump off a cliff.

And slowly but surely, Harrison, Casey, Max, and Keisel have rounded into form and are contributing again. A bunch of youngins (Keenan, JD, Worilds, Hood, Heyward, Cortez, Manny) have started to contribute. And some old reliables have upped their games (Timmy, Clark, Heath).

Now we've got a few setbacks. Luckily we've got some of the biggest weapons in the arsenal on the shelf and in due time, we will get them back and use them. Ben, Troy, DD, Woodley, Brown, Colon

Have a little patience my friends. This second surge is gonna be way bigger than the first.

Another way to look at it, we've had 3 perennial stars on the team. 1 of them (Harrison) is just on the verge of rounding into form. His super friends (Ben and Troy) will be back soon. And the supporting cast got a lot better seemingly out of nowhere.