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    Skip Bayless is a nationally syndicated writer/reporter/commentator which by default means that he really has no idea about each individual team and the situations inside the teams injury reports.
    Explain this logic. How is this so? How does this make sense? He uses his eyes and ears, seeing TP is still not playing, hears and reads that the team claims it is a calf strain, then uses his brain and history which tells him that that assertion simply does not make sense. How is being a nationally syndicated commentator prevent him from not seeing through this claim as not true? So, if you are a nationally syndicated commentator or writer, it prevents you to use your brain to make conclusions? Just as Skip, in my entire life I have never seen a calf "strain" last this long, ever. So, that makes it likely that his injury is something more significant than that. Just plain old common sense tells you that.

    Making statements about Polamlau, a subject I'm sure he knows very little about, is done simply to irritate, stir up, and in general get a fan base worked up to see if he can generate clicks or viewers for his company's TV/radio or internet markets.
    And, you know this as fact? You don't think he really believes in his assertions? It is the exact opposite. He passionately believes in what he is saying is true and defends it all the time. He is VERY driven to make claims that are true. He lives for being proved right. There is no way he would make this claim not believing it. His career is partially riding on providing assertions that end up being proven correct. If you don't realize this, you haven't listened/watch much of him.

    It's not that he doesn't know anything, it's that he simply doesn't know the facts (and nether do we by the way and we're avid fans) and he's throwing something out there without an investigative report to substantiate any of it. So, yes, as far as I'm concerned he's Skip Useless.
    The above is pure opinion not based on fact. You seem to be what you claim Skip is.

    Fine, so it's an opinion and he's paid for opinions, but something like that should have some amount credibility shouldn't it? I mean questioning a future HOFer about his calf injury, really?
    Yes, really. Common sense would lead you to the same conclusion: his injury is not merely a pulled calf muscle. The Steelers constantly lie about injuries and they have done so with TP's leg in this case. Common sense is all you need in order to clearly see this is the case. He has been struggling with the same leg since 2010. Does that sound like a pulled calf muscle to you? Freaking Terrell Suggs DID tear his Achilles and he has made it back in the same year.
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