I am glad to see others finally noticing some of the BS coming out of Pgh. On First Take, they finally questioned how any calf injury lasts as long as Troy's and that there is a problem when you are seen more on commercials and the side lines than seen on the play field. I am so sick of seeing Troy in commercials and on the side lines. I wouldn't miss him in the least if they just cut him next year. No calf injury known to mankind last this long. His injury is to his Achilles not to his calf. Once again, the Steelers are being liars.

They also questioned why Batch is on an active roster at all, and at his age, let him be a coach if you want him around, but there is no reason to have a guy that age, with that weak of an arm, on your active roster. The Steelers are often loyal to a fault, and this is yet another case of that. Charlie is from Western PA, and the Rooneys always apply way too much weight to that. Who the F cares if a player is from PA? You allow your team to be inferior just to have more players from the region on the roster? That is moronic. Johnson should have been our 3rd-string QB. The front office/coaches have screwed the pooch at the fan's expense.

As I predicted, this team went from 6-3 to 6-6 leaving no room for error. They have pulled off things like that before (see 2005) but the odds are, they won't win out the last 4 games. They need a purge. There are malcontents on this team and that shows up in the chemistry and end product. I am perfectly happy for a down season or 2 to get this team solid again. Trying to win with a patched up, jerry rigged team is not the way; starting players on past performance instead of today's reality (Hampton instead of McClendon, etc.) is no way to run a team. Mendenhall has proved more than ever that he sucks. End the Troy all-commercials-no-play ways. I would cut Wallace TODAY - what would we lose without that jack ass? It's time for this team to face realities and end their idealistic ways. Grow up.