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You guys are actually asking how much worse could it be? There's a lot worse that can happen from the quarterback position, Charlie didn't throw a pick 6. Check down Charlie would be fine with me thank you, I'll take 3 or 4 yards per play, stay out of obvious passing situations and play field position. The defense has Flacco's number and he's going to play as poorly as he did the first go round. Field position, take your shot when its available, run the ball and good special teams play and the Steelers can steal the game. They can't get behind or put Batch in obvious passing situations and if he is in those situations then run the ball. A punt will be a positive play for the Steelers this weekend.

That is the fundamental problem. He WILL be put in obvious passing downs.

And a punt being a positive playing isn't playing to win. We'll need to score and there is no indication that we'll be able to sustain drives in order to make that happen.

For the record, I've always been a Batch fan. With that being said, it's time to move on. He just can't make the throws anymore.

Wait and see. The Ravens will stack the line with 8 defenders and defend the short passes all game. When it's 3rd and long they will send the house at Charlie. They will basically bait Charlie to throw the ball downfield. Wouldn't you? He'll take a lot of hits, sacks and probably a few INTs. I honestly have a hunch that Batch could get injured. The Ravens defensive gameplan will be as simple as that. It could get ugly for the Steelers.