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Thread: If Ben can't go: You start Batch or Hoyer?

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    Quote Originally Posted by DBR96A View Post
    If you are going to use Roman numerals for the small numbers, then you have to use them for the big numbers too. Your sentence should read as follows:

    "Hoyer was an undrafted free agent out of Michigan State (where he was Honrable Mention All-Big Ten in MMVII). He appeared in XIII games for the Patriots from MMIX to MMXI, and was XXVII of XLIII for CCLXXXVI yards, I TD, and I INT."

    Much better.
    Would have been perfect if you had mentioned that he played in the Big X conference.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BradshawsHairdresser View Post
    What will you do if this thread continues on to a IVth page?
    yeah, obviously he's never watched the WHOLE Rocky series!
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    Sorry guys...There should not be any Batch defenders after what we just witnessed. No amount of practice, chemistry, or knowledge of the offense will fix or should keep Batch here. He has a dead arm. To make it twice as bad, he still believes in his abilities. Anyone with any football experience knows the problems Batch creates now when he is under center from here on out. Game plans are simple. I like Batch and what he did for the organization....But is time for someone in this organization to tell him he is done. Given the QB situation...That conversation won't wait until after this season. If BB looks to be out again, be Dam sure the staff is scurrying to get Hoyer in the film room, in the classroom, and increased reps.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tiproast View Post
    Would have been perfect if you had mentioned that he played in the Big X conference.
    He probably didn't know how to write it because the Big X hasn't had X schools in quite a while, with Penn State added as the XIth a couple of decades ago, Nebraska as the XIIth a couple of years ago, and Maryland and Rutgers soon to be the XIIIth and XIVth in a couple of years from now.

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    So, those that want Charlie to start against the Ravens if Ben can't...I guess you want Charlie back next year for back up because he knows the offense?

    Look, Charlie has been there for this team for years and has done an good job as back-up, but he just doesn't have the arm anymore. The Browns game just proved that he was lucky to throw a ball 30 yards with any accuracy.

    Let Hoyer have a shot he couldn't do much worse.

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    You guys are actually asking how much worse could it be? There's a lot worse that can happen from the quarterback position, Charlie didn't throw a pick 6. Check down Charlie would be fine with me thank you, I'll take 3 or 4 yards per play, stay out of obvious passing situations and play field position. The defense has Flacco's number and he's going to play as poorly as he did the first go round. Field position, take your shot when its available, run the ball and good special teams play and the Steelers can steal the game. They can't get behind or put Batch in obvious passing situations and if he is in those situations then run the ball. A punt will be a positive play for the Steelers this weekend.


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    Quote Originally Posted by steelz09 View Post
    So does that mean we can keep Batch and have him play until he's 62 and collecting SS.... he might play poorly but since it's only 1 game, we'll give him another shot. When is enough, enough already.
    Sorry steelz but Charlie's birth date is after 1960 so he can't receive full SS until he turns 67

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    Chadman is going to go with Batch here, but mainly because it's harsh to pin the whole Offensive debacle on Charlie.

    Ok, no doubt about it, he was off. And 3 INT's is bad. And you guys are right- the arm isn't what it used to be.

    But 5 fumbles? The running game is where the Offensive reliance HAS to be with Ben & Lefty down. And the RB's didn't only fail to step up, they ran away. Mendenhall, Redman, Dwyer & Rainey need to get their butts kicked, and then put the responsibility of keeping the Offense out of 3rd & long spots, so that Charlie can go about being Charlie.

    Is Hoyer a better QB? Possibly. But Batch, as it's been pointed out, is more familiar with the Offense. The Steelers won't score 24 to beat the Ravens. With Batch at the helm, they are, at best, probably a 17 point team.

    Keep the ball in hand, don't give turnovers, play good ST's. That'll be the key to Offensive success. Then let the D do it's thing & let Flacco be Flacco. The Ravens did NOTHING on Offense against the Steelers last time- not much will change this time.

    No turnovers. That is the key. Don't fumble. And if you can't get too many 3rd downs, make sure the punting game is solid, and ST's give the Ravens no easy yards.

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    You guys are crazy and its this type of thinking that Tomlin and co. use. Its also the reason we will lose to the Ravens if Batch starts.
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    If Batch starts it just validates that we are playing not to lose instead of playing to win.


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