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Thread: Is James Harrison Getting Nasty Again......

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    Is James Harrison Getting Nasty Again......

    It seems to me that at the end of the game JAMES HARRISON was playing MEAN.
    He blew up a few running plays in the backfield.

    It just seems like he had a Greg Lloyd moment in the 4th Quarter and decided to take matters into his own hands.

    Maybe he's turning the corner and getting back to old form???
    Here We Go Steelers, Here We Go...
    Here We Go Steelers, Here We Go...
    Here We Go Steelers, Here We Go...!!!

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    he actually looked pretty good today

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    The Browns kinda bring out the BEAST in JH.

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    Sadly, the number of splash plays in a game for Harrison are on the way down rather than up. Cold hard facts of age...
    This may be Harrison's last hurrah given the cap situation next season.
    The Steelers need a couple of home runs in the draft next year regardless of which position it might come from.

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    Doing pretty well for a player that some of the "experts" on this board had written off for the season...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Captain Lemming View Post
    The Browns kinda bring out the BEAST in JH.

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    If reference to that picture of Rice with the Towel on his head, it looks like The Curse may have run out. Rice was given a major gift today with that spot of the ball on the 4th and 29.

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    I noticed Silverback chase down a RB from behind and catch him at the other sideline. That's telling me, he's back. He's made a couple of his signature hustle plays the last 2 weeks.

    My theory is Tomlin/Lebeau may have blamed his lack of backside pursuit as the reason KC was able to run right. They fixed it the following week and it seemed like Harrison has a little fire in his belly.

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    Worrying about James Harrison's passion (fire) to play football is like worrying about whether the sun will rise in the east tomorrow. He wasn't himself the first few games back, but he's been working himself into football playing condition, basically, he's used the last 4 or 5 games as his training camp and pre-season. It's no accident that the run defense has progressed each and every week that James has returned to the field. The Steeler defense right now is playing as good as any defense in the league. The offensive coaches and players need to find a way to mitigate the mistakes and win a game or two while Ben recovers.

    This upcoming week is going to be a tough game to win. The offense can not turn the ball over at all if the Steelers want to be in this game. Batch is going to have to manage the game better than this past weekend. Haley needs to try and keep the Steelers out of obvious passing situations to the best of his ability and maybe the defense can steal a win in Baltimore.

    The Colts and Bengals each have games this weekend that they could lose, not counting on it, but it is a possibility.

    The Steelers have squandered their two game edge in the WC race, they have to win games now or their season will end, 8-8 might be good enough this year.


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    James is starting to show me something...

    I say, restructure his contract and move him inside to replace Foote...


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