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    The farther we get from Cowher, the more I question Tomlin and his coaching and especially his personnel skills.

    ...keeping 2 geriatric injury plagued QB's over keeping a young QB that showed promise.
    ...Wanting Kirby Wilson as OC where our RB's, especially Mendenhall suck and show the same ****ty habits they have always shown (carrying ball away from body)....
    ....firing special teams coach, waiting right before season to do so, then we are 2nd most penalized special teams...
    Terrible player personnel decisions like cutting Craig Urbick and plenty of other terrible draft calls....

    sorry, I'm sure plenty won't agree but the farther along we get, the more I see of undisciplined terrible play and him standing on the sideline with the deer in headlights look....dude is a decent actor playing the role of an NFL head coach...

    btw...I'm really f'n tired of this retarded iPad my work bought us all auto correcting everything that makes Tomlin Tomlinson.......WTF!
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