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Thread: We Used to Dish it OUT!

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    We Used to Dish it OUT!

    Now we play on roller skates and take it. That's why this team is beat up and everyone is hurt this year. It's a troubling trend, this season it's peaking. We have some big hits here and there from Clark or the occasional somebody else will drill someone. This team doesn't play hungry anymore. We leave INTs on the field, we miss tackles, we miss blocks, or we get run over trying to block someone. The lethargy is killing the team and it's killing me watching it. The Browns and Chiefs have a crap record, but they swarm to the ball and the lay the wood when they hit. WE take it. It's like we're playing in roller skates at times. Fly to the football, play aggressive, hawk the ball...this used to be our mentality. I'm not sure what's going on with this team, but we've lost some stinkers to some really bad teams who simply have out hustled, out hit, and generally played a less sloppy game than us. We lost to the Raiders and Browns now, and came darn close to handing the lowly Chiefs their second win this season. Penalties are killing us too. How many holding calls today? Two we earned on one drive alone! Yeah, so did Cleveland, but they're the effin' Browns, we're the mighty Steelers, we're supposed to be BETTER than that. Yet, we're not. We continuously shoot ourselves in the foot and give away football games.

    I don't know folks, sooner or later you have to look at the guy running the show and ask WTF is going on here. I do know it's time we stop taking the beatings and once again start dishing out the punishment and dictating our will on opposing teams. Until we do, it's going to be more of the same petty crap, and no more rings in Pittsburgh.

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    Our defense still played well overall. The o-line sucked, but they were playing with Legursky at LG for the entire game and Beachum at RT for much of the situations like that, I expect a few holding calls (although the one on Beachum's first play to negate a big play by Heath was total B.S.). The main culprits today were the offensive skill players...QB's, RB's, WR's not named Sanders...ugly, ugly, ugly offensive display today.
    Forced patriotism is an oxymoron.

    A government leader proclaiming that citizens have to stand proudly for the National Anthem or else they shouldn't be in the country sounds more like a mandated decree from a totalitarian dictator like Kim Jong Un rather than the leader of the Free World.

    Our ability to peacefully protest is a fundamental American right, and any attempt by our government to squash this freedom is what is truly dishonoring the liberty that our Star Spangled Banner symbolizes.

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    Your point is well taken Ruthless, but that's just today's O-Line. We're the second most penalized team in the league right now. What excuses can be made for this team then? Heck, we had one of the main culprits on the bench in Colon and still managed about 5 or 6 holding calls and none were on Legursky that I recall, he just gets his arse beaten straight up.... But, you can't lay blame on the defense, if we were playing the Pats, they'd have scored 40 points on us given the field position.

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    Bring back Cowher, he wouldn't putt up with this shizzz!


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