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    Quote Originally Posted by NorthCoast View Post
    I don't think Mendenhall sucks and I don't believe I ever said so (too lazy to chase back all my posts).

    I do believe Mendenhall is quite average and easily replaced with a plethora of comparable talent. After so many years in the league, you would think the guy would be able to overcome some of his bad habits like Spinderella when hitting a hole, or carrying a ball like it was a loaf of bread.
    Quote Originally Posted by NorthCoast
    OK, maybe we should cut the guy a break since he has been out of the game for awhile, but old habits shouldn't reappear so quickly.
    If anything, being out for awhile should've given him time to think about cleaning up his bad habits. No pass from me.

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    Wallace is not good at adjusting to a thrown ball to help QB or to turn in to defensive player when ball is in the process of being intercepted.
    He expects the ball planted perfectly in his hands every time.

    cut Wallace.....

    Batch and lefty need to go as well. Maybe keep Batch as a coach....


    I agree, I'm tired of seeing the commercials and seeing him on sidelines...


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