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Thread: Congratulations Ben and Ashley

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    Congratulations Ben and Ashley

    Ben Rothlisberger JR was born last night. Congratulations to
    both Ben and Ashley

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    Ben got himself injured just to make sure he could be free to miss a few games to be with his kid without incurring our collective wrath.

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    haha, i pondered this as well

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    Congrats Big Ben! is his name really Ben jr?

    now get back on the field and let's go get number 7!!!!

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    Wow ! You know we are a conspiracy bunch when we think Ben might have staged the injury, just to be there when his kid was born. I thought it too for a brief moment.

    It's like when your watching Family Feud or some game show and you automatically decide, what family or person you want to win or lose. Sometimes I want the good looking chick to win and then other times, if the chick is homely I feel she better win because no man is going to take care of her in life so, this might be her only shot to come up with something.

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    Sign the kid to a contract!

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    Baby Ben has a future in Pittsburgh.

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    Yea, his name is Ben Jr. Little Ben, Big Ben... Little Ben, Big Ben.....
    6- Time Super Bowl Champions......

    2012 MNF Executive Champion

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    I bet the kid can sling the rock from the womb. Like I said sign em.

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    Not too many kids seem to have the pedigree of their NFL fathers. Mannings are two that come to mind and Heyward of the Steelers and I know there are more but, I always figured a lot more would be noticable.
    I did believe when I was younger that, Mike Webster kid would be in the NFL, Mean Joe's etc.


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