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Thread: I hope I'm wrong, but....

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    Quote Originally Posted by SDSteel1 View Post
    Ben will play as soon as little Ben is born, if he comes in the next day or 2 Ben will play Sunday, if not he will play next week. He is not wearing the sling, and he was using is right arm today.

    And why does Llyoidroid care what's reported to the media?
    Guess you were wrong. Maybe you should buy a new tin foil hat.
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    Why am I wrong? I said he would play in the Browns or Ravens game. Maybe he realized with the injuries he says he has there is no possible way he could play in 2 weeks without looking suspicious. If he plays in the Ravens game I think my theory is dead on.

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    I have a feeling Ben will be back by the Ravens game.

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    I think this whole discussion is hilarious. If Ben comes back for Ravens II, it will mean that his injury was never as serious as it was hyped up to be and will just further fuel the thought that is was all because of his baby son being born. Sh!t I could care less if there is some conspiracy about this as long as Ben is playing ASAP and is healthy and effective.


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