...I smell BS with Ben and Tomlin reporting that "the doctor visit went so well and it's such good news." I have a feeling they are doing their usual BS of trying to be tricky with injury info. I have no idea why they spend so much energy on lying about injuries. Do they really think they are fooling anyone and making a difference involved in winning? They acted as if there was a chance Ben _could_ play this week. How much you want to bet he is no where near being able to play. They listed him as "doubtful" when anyone with a working brain over the age of 4 knows there is zero chance of him playing this week, so why not just admit he is "out" instead of "doubtful?"

Ben will miss a month. You can forget about what story they try to sell. In their minds, they think the Ravens won't know who to prepare for. Yea, I am sure sure they won't have any idea.