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Thread: I hope I'm wrong, but....

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    I hope I'm wrong, but....

    ...I smell BS with Ben and Tomlin reporting that "the doctor visit went so well and it's such good news." I have a feeling they are doing their usual BS of trying to be tricky with injury info. I have no idea why they spend so much energy on lying about injuries. Do they really think they are fooling anyone and making a difference involved in winning? They acted as if there was a chance Ben _could_ play this week. How much you want to bet he is no where near being able to play. They listed him as "doubtful" when anyone with a working brain over the age of 4 knows there is zero chance of him playing this week, so why not just admit he is "out" instead of "doubtful?"

    Ben will miss a month. You can forget about what story they try to sell. In their minds, they think the Ravens won't know who to prepare for. Yea, I am sure sure they won't have any idea.

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    Ben plays against the Ravens next week.
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    Ben will play as soon as little Ben is born, if he comes in the next day or 2 Ben will play Sunday, if not he will play next week. He is not wearing the sling, and he was using is right arm today.

    And why does Llyoidroid care what's reported to the media?

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    No way does Ben's injury timeline have anything to do with his child being born.

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    Phantom injury occurs 2 weeks before the due date, still no hard evidence regarding the healing time of the injury. The injury described as a "separated shoulder, SC joint sprain, a rib dislocation that could have pierced the aorta", even though the hit was not violent. And now the report of, "@ Ben Roethlisberger looked good on Wednesday, far better than he did a week ago. In fact, Roethlisberger was no longer wearing the sling that he had on all of last week.

    He was talking on his cell phone using his right arm and was also able to easily remove his T-shirt over his head without any apparent discomfort."
    only 8 days later?? He bought himself some time to spend with Ashley waiting for little Ben without having to focus on football.

    The injuries supposedly sustained should take at least 4-6 weeks to heal enough to limit the pain and start practicing, yet he is moving his shoulder and using his right arm with no apparent pain a little over a week later? Hey maybe he misses the rest of the season with this injury, but he looks to be a fast healer to me. My bet would be he is playing by the time little Ben is at home in his crib.

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    Ben will not play until the next to last game of the season at the earliest.
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    jeez christ SD,

    you didnt think you're nutty conspiracy was enuff for 1 message board?

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    While I don't buy into the conspiracy junk, I also don't care what's being reported in the press about the injury. Ben will be back when he's back. Until then, they soldier on and try to win the next game.

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    The kid was born, and doctors used the stem cells from the placenta to help dear old dad to heal abnormally quickly. Heh heh heh...

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    Quote Originally Posted by NJ-STEELER View Post
    jeez christ SD,

    you didnt think you're nutty conspiracy was enuff for 1 message board?
    I don't necessarily believe that theory is true but i'd be a huge liar if I too didn't think it after the injury initially happened. Although I simply thought she felt she was going to go in to labor right then and there. I don't believe it holds much water currently.


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