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Thread: Redundant Thoughts 2012 Week 12 Ravens

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    Redundant Thoughts 2012 Week 12 Ravens


    2. I was pessimistic about this game until I heard Al and Chris on the pregame talking about how “supremely confident” the Steelers were in Byron Leftwich. Once coaches find it necessary to put smiley faces on an obvious problem you know it’s over.

    … and Dr. House is fine. He is motorcycle touring with his terminally-ill best friend, Wilson.

    3. The Steelers’ cheap TD was aided by a PI call and the Raven’s defender’s obvious reluctance to draw a penalty for hitting a QB. The Ravens’ cheap TD was earned on a punt return.

    4. So both teams got a cheap TD and both teams “earned” a field goal. The difference in this game was Wallace putting the ball on the ground inside the Steelers 20.

    5. And this game cannot be pinned on the defense. The defense was fine. It was better than fine.

    6. That was some awful offense … Heaven help me I found myself wishing we still had Tommy Maddox signed.

    Not that Tommy is fat; he’s just an easy target.

    7. The optimist/tough guy would opine that the Steelers have chosen the long road/hard way to the Super Bowl as a wild card team.

    8. Last time I counted there were 6 playoff spots for AFC teams. The teams with records better than the Steelers: Texans, Patriots, Ravens and Broncos. The Steelers and the Colts are both 6-4. So the good news is that the Steelers are in the playoffs as of today. The bad news is that they don’t have a quarterback.

    Which technically is still better than having Blaine Gabbert as a quarterback.

    9. And frankly that’s as far as I care to look. This team is NOT winning the AFC North. They will be lucky to back into the playoffs.

    10. Can somebody explain why Mendy didn’t run out of bounds there at the end of the game? He must have considered that he didn’t have the angle to get to the sideline so he opted for more yardage up the middle right? Please tell he isn’t as careless as he looked on that play.

    11. The thing that strikes me about this game is the fact that neither team had much to brag about. The Steelers had good defense and about the only thing the Ravens can crow about (pun intended) is beating an obviously injured Byron Leftwich. Clearly the Ravens would be more likely to view this as a "win that feels like a loss”. But that is much better than the way I view it, which is “we are screwed without Ben taking the snaps”.

    12. But really, how many teams have a good option for a back-up QB?

    13. Look out Anderson, there are women behind you!

    Psych, girlfriend!

    14. Perspective: I’d be remiss to not take the opportunity to be preachy on the eve of Thanksgiving so here is a simple gif to give us something to think about:

    Here in America, the only place on this planet where we act like this in an attempt to acquire new things the day after (and now the same day) that we are supposed to be giving thanks for what we already have.
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