I think I know the answer for many of you, but I'm curious which everyone prefers, why, and has it changed?

1. Heinz Field Game Experience


2. Watching the Steelers at Home

I'm 500+ miles from Pittsburgh, so I choose home out of necessity. But I even enjoy watching with family/friends when I'm in Pittsburgh and think I'd choose the home experience over the stadium even if I lived in Pittsburgh again.

I heard only 29% of fans prefer the stadium experience. And the preference is shifting rapidly to the home from 54% in the 90s.

I was listening to OTL on ESPN and they were talking about adding WiFi and the home experience in new stadiums. But I'm not sure that's enough for me really.

Pros of Home:
Twitter, Radio, No Weather, Better Food, Can Pause, Bathrooms, No Travel (to and from), No Parking, Less Expensive, No Drunks, More Comfy, Can Follow FF, Access to a Laptop, iPad, iPhone, More Time to Do Other Stuff on Gameday

Pros of Heinz Field:
Playing Dress Up, Getting to Experience the City, the Stadium, the people, the energy, seeing the flow of the game, the strategy, the athleticism, and everything that tv can't capture

I still love going to games. But as I get older, I realize I would choose the home experience because of the general convenience. Not that I have the luxury of choice.

Although, I volunteered for the Big Brother/Big Sisters program and they had an infinite supply of tickets to every event that companies would give away for these kids. And I've been to tons of non Steelers sporting activities and I realize that I enjoy the experience better when I'm at a game where I'm not 100% focused on the team/game.

I've noticed, I like the Steelers/Pens so much I can't fully enjoy the experience because I'm focused on their games. And when I look at the pros of the stadium experience, the pros are all about the experience and not the game. And I think that's why I like watching at home. I get to focus on the game.

And the game trumps the experience. I think that's how I feel currently. But I change my mind constantly about these things. I think I just get caught up in the moment and enjoy anything I'm doing more than anything else I could be doing in the world.