...that most of us don't even realize how dire the situation is.

1. Ben isn't just hurt, he is mega hurt. Now they are talking that his injury could produce nerve damage, similar to the crap Manning went through. Even if that doesn't happen, his injuries are the worst for someone who throws a football. Docs are saying that the throwing motion is the exact movement that would prevent this from healing. They can't even GUESS how long he will be out. He could be done for the season.

2. Leftwich has broken ribs. And yet, I see much of the media acting like he can still play. Huh? No he can't. He couldn't even throw the ball 30 yards. I would actually be able to play QB better than he can right now. And this just in: Even if BL does come back in the near future, he will soon be hurt again in the near future. I said all along that if he comes in he will only last 1-2 games and I was right. Which leads to....

3. Batch will also only last 1-2 games. That's it. He is nearly 40-years-old. When was the last time he played for 3 or more games in a row? (I realize some of that is because he has been Ben's back up for all this time, but if he was required to play for any extended time, he would never last more than a few games. It is likely he won't be able to play after the Browns game.

4. All of a sudden our "star" receiver looks inept, uncaring and just lame. With each passing game, Wallace gives us MORE evidence that he was overrated. Even when he does catch a ball, he makes it look like he's wrestling a pig covered with KY Jelly. He is sloppy and seemingly unfocused. And the examples just keep mounting: dropped balls, sloppy footwork, not even bothering to dive at a ball at his feet, sloppily allowing defender to knock ball out of his hands. He really just simply is a pile of crap at this point.

5. At the same time, our _true_ best receiver (Brown) has been out for a long stretch and there seems to be no news of him returning soon. Fact is, he either really did have the dreaded high ankle sprain or he had an injury equivalent to said injury. No way was this a garden variety ankle sprain or he'd be back by now. The fact that they are meeting/signing Plax is all you need to know about how bad this injury must be.

6. Mendy has proven he is no solution to our woes. He looks worse than ever. I read in here where many said this O was designed with RM in mind and that he would "tear it up" when he returned. Well, all he did was spin and dance some more; as I predicted, JD is our best back, that is, when he wants to actually play, which is only for 2-3 runs in a row and then he has to come out.

7. Polamalu still has a calf injury. Apparently, this particular kind of calf injury takes 2 years to heal, if then. I was cringing while seeing him play in every pre-season game, and now I know why; China doll was not fully healed, apparently. Even if he does come back, he will need a few games to even get back into game shape. So, in order for him to have a positive impact, he will need to be back within a few games, or he is really done for the season, as he will come in fat and slow, as we saw.

8. As I predicted, Redman will continue to get hurt if he has more than a handful of carries. That will not change. He is what he is. And he will never be a back who can stay healthy.

Oh, we have bright spots, like the general play of the D, but unfortunately, we will be seeing our great effort and play on D ruined on a team that has no decent, healthy QB. Batch might be a hero in Cleveland, but even if he pulls off a win, he is unlikely to play in many more games - maybe part of the Balt. game. Maybe.

Now, if the following players came back and were healthy, we could be in a great position to go on another winning streak.

- Ben
- Troy
- Brown
- DeCastro (not a must but it would be nice)

Who is ready to hold their breath on all of the above getting healthy?