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Thread: Ravens waying the terrible towel

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    Ravens "waying" the terrible towel?

    Well, don't keep us in much does a Terrible Towel weigh?
    Forced patriotism is an oxymoron.

    A government leader proclaiming that citizens have to stand proudly for the National Anthem or else they shouldn't be in the country sounds more like a mandated decree from a totalitarian dictator like Kim Jong Un rather than the leader of the Free World.

    Our ability to peacefully protest is a fundamental American right, and any attempt by our government to squash this freedom is what is truly dishonoring the liberty that our Star Spangled Banner symbolizes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RuthlessBurgher View Post
    Ravens "waying" the terrible towel?

    Well, don't keep us in much does a Terrible Towel weigh?
    According to Woodley, it may weigh heavily on Ray Rice. We'll see.

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    Rice actually traded his gloves to a Steeler fan for the towel, and wants it to add to a collection he has of other teams stuff to remember the games. He actually had some nice things to say about the Steelers and the fans....


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    Quote Originally Posted by fordfixer View Post
    Rice using a Terrible Towel was a 'bad idea'Found 6 hours ago on Larry Brown Sports:
    PLAYERS: LaMarr Woodley, Ray Rice, LenDale White, T.J. Houshmandzadeh, Terrell Suggs, Ryan Clark
    TEAMS: Pittsburgh Steelers, Baltimore Ravens, Denver Broncos
    [url] el_was_bad_idea/12258301[/url]
    Via Larry Brown Sports:

    LaMarr Woodley

    Bad idea ray just ask lendale white and tj whosyourmama

    20 Nov 12 ReplyRetweetFavorite
    Ray Rice was spotted with a Terrible Towel draped over his head after the Baltimore Ravens defeated the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday night, and Pittsburgh linebacker LaMarr Woodley is not happy about it. Woodley apparently felt it was disrespectful of Rice, and he took to Twitter on Tuesday morning to warn him about it and remind everyone about two players who have done it in the past.

    For those who are wondering, Around the League reminded us that Lendale White stomped on a Terrible Towel in 2008 while T.J. Houshmandzadeh used one to clean his cleats back in 2005. Woodley was still in college for the Housmandzadeh incident, but he is apparently well-read in Terrible Towel history. Both teams — White’s in 2008 and Houshmanzadeh’s in 2005 — tanked in the postseason and the Steelers went on to win the Super Bowl.

    In this particular photo, Rice was simply walking to the locker room. Perhaps he needed a towel after a hard-fought game and that’s all that was available. However, he was waving it in the air for the fans to see on his way off the field after the game. It obviously rubbed Woodley the wrong way.

    “If you’re not a Steelers fan, don’t put your hands on a terrible towel,” the sixth-year linebacker also wrote on Monday night.

    As shirts like this one Terrell Suggs wore and comments like this one that Steelers safety Ryan Clark made remind us, there is no love lost between these two division rivals. Woodley’s tweet simply adds fuel to a fire that has been blazing for years.
    Have No problem with Ray Rice. If you notice when ever things got chippy. He was always kind of like the peacemaker saying . Hey it is football keep bringing it good job. Not a Ray Rice hater. Guy is a good player. I don't group him with Ray Ray ,and T sizzle. and now Ed Reed who is crying like for anyone to listen to him today. First I herd he got the towel in a trade. Pretty cool. Not sure I would have done it if I was fan but that was not to have bad intent.

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    ray rice is a flat out stud and seems to be one of the few quality guys (both in play and in character) on that team. i'm prepared to cut him some slack, but unfortunately myron was never so forgiving. even the right reasons don't make up for the fact that pic is a bad bad choice. the universe will now unfold as it should.....


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    I remember when Rice came out I wanted him, and to draft his FB Leonard and go with a full on passing oriented offense using throws like we did this year...the short stuff.

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    Ray Rice is the one Raven for whom I have alot of respect. I wish he was a Steeler.

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    Curse of the Towel strikes again? Not only do Ravens lose to Charlie Batch-led Steelers, but Suggs has torn biceps.

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    Like him or hate him, Ray Rice placed his self squarely in the gun sights of the Curse of the Terrible Towel. The Terrible Towel was poised to strike Sunday, and boy! Did he strike!

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    He emerged from the tunnel at Three Rivers Stadium....FEARLESS, BRASH, and LOYAL.....Boy, he was SOMETHIN' !!!!
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