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Ben will be around for another 5 years unless you push him out the door ala Brett Favre.

What we need to draft for NOW is a quality back up who can come into a game and perform not the future starter. That is something that is easier to find because of Haley's offense.

The future starter for Ben needs to be found in about 2-3 years and hopefully it doesn't take another 20+ years like it did between Bradshaw and Ben. The reality is we need to plan to have a losing season in 2-3 years so we are in position to get our next starting QB.
I just don't believe taking a quarterback in the draft to groom as a backup is prudent. First, if he's a rookie and has to play you're done. Second, if your starter remains healthy and you've groomed him for a few years and he gets into games and does well, he'll hit the free agent market and he'll be gone. If he doesn't do well, then you're done again. I would go the route of the Steelers and find a veteran that realizes his days of being a starting quarterback are done and keep him as the backup.

I thought the Steelers were in the best position in the league at quarterback having two veterans that have had some success in the NFL just in case the Steelers needed them. We'll see how it goes this weekend and next.