Lefty and Batch were the smart moves. I would rather roll the dice with the veterans than a young kid that showed little. JJ had a couple of nice moments but with the backup QB on a potential Super Bowl team, you don't turn that over to inexperience. The only trouble with thier choice of QB'S, these two couldn't open their Christmas present without getting a paper cut.
Yeah, the front office better take a look into some backups that are a better fit than Batch, Leftwich and wet behind the ears draft pick types. Maybe we should draft high for a QB next season, like the second round or dare I say first round if this person has some worth as a future QB ?
I still think not too many teams will go far if their starting QB goes down and their backups need to take over. The only teams that usually do well or better when this happens are, teams that already stink and changing quarterbacks have little to no affect on the team because they find ways to lose in addition to poor quarterback play.