The Steelers are facing the real possibility that they may have to finish the season with an off-the-street QB. In my view, that represents a real front office fail! The Steelers are one of the few teams that enter a season with only 2 QBs.
The question is, the staff knows from history that Batch is an injury-in-waiting at any given moment. But how did they get the idea that Leftwich could last for any length of time?? We fans seem to have sensed it, how could the coaches not? Shame on the front office for jeopardizing what could have been a good season of redemption for the Steelers. They need one of these developmental QBs to stick with the team. Sure, the season likely is over if a third string QB has to start, but having to search the street for a mid season game smacks of poor planning by the Steeler front office.