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Thread: Adam Schefter: Plaxico Burress to take physical for Steelers

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    Sure, but maybe Wallace catches it another time. I was a big fan of Burress' coming out of MSU (where I grew up). He's just shown himself to be a complete jackwagon. I hope he does as well as needed for the sake of the team, but I'm also hoping our other WR's heal quickly.
    I'm just hoping Ben heals quickly...

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    I like the Plax signing. I don't see him playing a lot unless we are approaching the endzone. Maybe not just the redzone but possibly around the 30-40 yard line as well.

    Cotchery is hurt and so in Brown. Why not sign Plax? Now, you have Wallace, Sanders, Heath and Plax. That is still a dangerous combo. Add a healthy Brown and it pushes Plax to #4 on the depth chart. Plax against a #4 CB is a big matchup problem. Cotchery may be out awhile with the fractured ribs.

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    already paying dividends


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