I unfortunately didn't get a chance to watch the game (was at a party with no TV), but if Cam "made plays", I caution those who look at that as a sign of 3-4 success. You saw those same "plays" being made by Hood at the end of his rookie year. People cited that as an affirmation of his talent. But the reality is that plays a lot of plays that are made aren't really made. A lot of times guys just free up, and are just the beneficiary.

e.g. Aldon Smith from the 49ers, MAKES PLAYS. If Cam was throwing fools around like that, then I would agree. But if Cam just happened to make a sack or tackle cuz he was in the right place... that's NOT necessarily "a play". Hood "made plays" back then, but I NEVER thought they were plays.

Especially 3-4 DL. They don't really make plays. That's why Aaron Smith was so underrated. He never flashed. He just did his job. How we knew that he was so good, was by the strength of the overall defense--namely vs. the run. And we saw how good he was when he went down with injury (coincidentally Polamalu was out at the same time, but the "analysts" always used our struggles as an affirmation of Polamalu, but never Smith).