First of all, I wanted to start a separate thread: Proof in the pudding. JD is our best back. Mendy looked as bad as ever, with his dancing, spinning, etc. Redman, per also my prediction, got hurt quickly. There is no doubt JD is our best back WHEN HE ACTUALLY WANTS TO PLAY THAT IS, which usually lasts for 2 runs before he wants out of the game. He just isn't the most driven guy; he will never see a big $ contract on that basis. Can you imagine how unmotivated he would be if he signed contract with a $10 million signing bonus? I definitely think we need another back for next year; RM needs shipped out, IR is only a few carries a game type of back, obviously Rainey is not a mainstream back and never will be, Batch is very so so and that leaves us with one back who can be a 100-yard a game guy, and that guy is lazy. So, we must add a new back for 2013.