After all this time or all the coaches prep and the players efforts, these few guys seem to not carry their share of the weight.

Leftwich was signed for just this reason when Ben gets hurt. He's not supposed to join him on the bench or at the exray room.

Wallace, will more dollars make him catch or hold onto the ball better ? I hardly think so.

Colon will always be the guy that draws the flags. He's good one or two games and the rest of the time he is bad or below average.

Rainy isn't anything.

Adams is still learning but I have a feeling he will always be what we see now.

Our DB's need to have their hands tied to a football day and night until their hands can adjust to catching one. These chuckle heads can't get
an interception and getting turnovers in a high scoring league is an important part of winning.

Special teams are not special at all.