Look around the league. There really aren't any good teams out there. The teams with better records than us are no better than us.

Everything is coming together for this team. And I didn't see it happening earlier in the season.

The Defense, JD, the OLine, Heath, Manny.

We just need to get healthy - Ben, Brown, Troy, and the guys playing through some nagging injuries. And someone needs to put a bug in Wally's ear that SuperBowl winners get paid. The kid is sooo talented and could do so much for this team to help get us over the hump. He seems sooo unhappy with his $2.7M.

And we need to clean up the sloppy - the penalties, the ST, the effort....

This team is resilient like I haven't seen in the past. We've somehow gotten really good. Our record doesn't reflect how good this team is.