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Thread: Still Thinking SuperBowl

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    Still Thinking SuperBowl

    Look around the league. There really aren't any good teams out there. The teams with better records than us are no better than us.

    Everything is coming together for this team. And I didn't see it happening earlier in the season.

    The Defense, JD, the OLine, Heath, Manny.

    We just need to get healthy - Ben, Brown, Troy, and the guys playing through some nagging injuries. And someone needs to put a bug in Wally's ear that SuperBowl winners get paid. The kid is sooo talented and could do so much for this team to help get us over the hump. He seems sooo unhappy with his $2.7M.

    And we need to clean up the sloppy - the penalties, the ST, the effort....

    This team is resilient like I haven't seen in the past. We've somehow gotten really good. Our record doesn't reflect how good this team is.

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    Just get into the play offs and then all bets are off. That's needs to be our focus. However, that means Ben has to be healthy to drive that play off run. Not sure he can be 100% healthy this season with the throwing shoulder injury.

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    On some levels, I agree with this. There are no unbeatable teams. But at the same time, we seem to be having a really terrible time with keeping key personnel healthy at the same time.

    Last night was a colossal opportunity to make noise in our own division. The RATS SUCK. Prime opportunity to take them down and we left it out there.

    Our defense is playing lights-out. They keep getting healthier and no one is going to want us in the Playoffs. I'm just not looking forward to the 6th seed ladder to climb again. That's a damn hard road to travel.

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    Not a chance....The offense is not good enough to compete in the elite category of teams.

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    Quote Originally Posted by steelfin View Post
    Not a chance....The offense is not good enough to compete in the elite category of teams.
    I think with Ben in last night the game would’ve been completely different. He more than likely would’ve made the throws Lefty didn’t. Just think, a couple more weeks we have a healthy Brown, Ben, Troy, Gilbert and possibly DeCastro. Our offense will have good players coming back. The defense will have Troy who hopefully will be healed and well rested and ready to tear up the playoffs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by steelfin View Post
    Not a chance....The offense is not good enough to compete in the elite category of teams.
    Fortunately, it's not just the offense that competes.

    Look at the Rats. They supposedly have an offense. That offense pounded the living tar out of the Raiders but couldn't score more than 2 field goals against our D last night, and look at the field position they worked with to get those points.

    There isn't a team in the league without some weaknesses. Just like we did in 2005, just like the Giants did last year, we can get on a roll in the playoffs and beat anyone. Of course, the same can be said of all the decent teams this year.

    The point is that Flippy is right. If a few things go our way in the health category, there is still reason for hope this season.

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    I agree with focosteeler. Look, it's not an excuse to say that we might have won had Ben played. It's the reality. Our chances would have been much better. I just think a back up QB who hasn't played a game in a few years is not going to be nearly as effective. I would have been much more confident in that last drive if Ben had been in. It is what it is. Players are going to get hurt. Hopefully we can try to get it back together for the Browns.

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    No Super Bowl for us and things might get worse for the Steelers if they can't get some guys for the aging secondary and the lack luster defensive line and also aging linebacker.

    Now a days there is a fine line with team quality and having healthy guys is huge and we don't seem to get that lucky. When you lose the first game of the season and you can't win against the raiders, titans and win your home games...... your not going far in the playoffs. just my take on things.

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    i would say there's a chance if injuries were our only concern but this team is filled with lazy, selfish and undisciplined individuals. i dont see that mentality being addressed this late in the season.

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    This is not a playoff team. 3 turnovers and a punt return for a TD. Add in the fact that this D in completely INCAPABLE of forcing turnovers.


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