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We have lost 3 games with Ben Roethlisberger at Qb this season and ALL of those teams were worse than the Ravens. Was it Ben's fault that we lost those 3 games? I dont think so. I just think we should support Lefty like we support Ben when he plays poorly.
At the same time, we didn't hold those teams to 13 points nor did we shut down their offenses and hold them to 6 points. That's what our D did last night. The Ravens' offense scored 2 field goals the entire night ! Our defense has been clicking of late and now it's our offense that can't put up more than 10 points.

I don't put all the blame on Leftwich. The receivers didn't help much, nor did the coaching. This was a very needed win and a very winnable game. We flushed down a perfect opportunity to make noise in the division.