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Regardless of what happens during the off season with Mike Wallace he is currently on the Steeler roster and their best chance to get big plays out of the offense. He scores touchdowns, Sanders, Cotchery and Brown do not. The Steelers will use him this year and worry about the other stuff when its time. Wallace was instrumental in wins versus Giants and Chiefs and had a chance to make a great catch and just didn't get the second foot in. Anyone thinking that was an easy catch and toe tap just hates Wallace; that would have been another great play had the foot been able to be dragged. Even Collinsworth said that Leftwich just didn't leave enough room to make the catch, Wallace ran out field because of the throw.

Very Well Said...

Wallace might not be another Megatron or A J Greene or Andre Johnson or Fitz but he is Steelers best option at WR spot. Wallace-AB-Sanders make Steelers WR group very exciting.