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Obviously you missed the humor...anyway Ben gets a pass because even when hurt he is better than both Byron & Batch, he gets a pass because he has still found a way to win when hurt, he gets a pass because he's a Pro-Bowl & Super Bowl QB, he gets a pass because he's been taking the same hits for years that Byron did last night & he still gets us in position to win - he gets a pass because he's earned it.
He is better? Is that why Ben is the starter because he is better? lol WHO has said they are better? I dont recall anyone saying they are better.

Here are Ben Roethlisbergers QBRating vs the Ravens in his career.

2010 75.9, Playoffs 101.8
2009 75.2
2008 80.4, 81.9. Playoffs 84.8
2007 158.3,
2006 46.2, 47.2
2005 85.0,
2004 82.5, 125.1

NINE BAD games out of the TWELVE he has played. It doesnt mean he sucks. It just means the Ravens have a great defense.

Ben, Polamalu, AB, Mendy (healthy), Redman were all out and we lost by 3. Noone is saying that Leftwich is better than Ben, thats crazy BUT dont act like Ben plays well when hurt. Shall I cite the Cleveland game of 09 and 08? Shall I cite 06? SB 40? AFCCG vs the Jets (33 rating was lower than Leftwiches 51).

Leftwich isnt Ben and no one is saying he is but lets be fair. Some of you dont have it in you to be unbiased. I understand.