Thought Leftwich went ok, to be honest. Not great, but not enough to cost victory either. Pretty much the same level Batch has offered for a number of years.

He was badly protected, the Steelers didn't run effectively enough, WR's were dropping balls.

Not all the blame shoud go Lefty's way. Could he be better? Yes. And if he'd been healthier over the last couple of seasons, chances are he would have been better. But there's gotta be a lot of rust there.

Given that we've praised Haley for his gameplans so far, it's fair to be critical when he comes up short. Didn't think Haley put the Steelers in the best position to win this game- not enough variety in the run game to spring points, not enough reliance on the run game to keep the ball away from the Ravens. And the WR's looked bad yesterday. And that's all of them- not just Wallace. They didn't put themselves in good enough positions to have the back-up QB do his job, and too many plays left on the field.

Leftwich is a fine back-up QB. But he's not Ben, and can't be asked to run an offense like Ben.