The Ravens defense looked the same to me. Did you see the massive hits they put on us? Yes, Leftwich hurt himself (by goofily falling) but Ben hurt himself by running around like a lunatic and not getting rid of the ball. If Ben was smarter he wouldnt be hurt. The Steelers are known for having fizzled drives even when Ben is in. When has Ben lit up the Ravens? I can think of only once on Monday Night. The game deebo went off in. I could post Roethlisbergers stats vs the Ravens the last 9 years and you will see the same thing (inconsistent play from the qb). The difference is that Ben doesnt look as goofy and fragile as Leftwich does. But I'm a fair and objective Steeler fan, not a biased one. Some of the things that Lefty gets blamed for Ben is given a pass and thats bs