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Thread: Could Webby Be The Reason Goodell Hates Steelers?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mister Pittsburgh View Post
    Not like prostitutes at all, more like pornstars.
    LOL. Guess the CFL or Arena guys are the hookers.

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    Some people might find it hard to understand, but Goodell's primary job is to make money for the owners. He was hired exactly for that purpose. How do you make more money for the owners? You adjust the game's rules so that 32 teams have a possibility of post-season play and TV ratings and ticket sales go through the roof.
    Goodell's other task in the modern NFL is to make sure the owners don't lose money from lawsuits. Hence the sissifying of the defense. Goodell is doing exactly what the owners hired him to do and the fans only recourse is to stop watching or buying tickets... which I don't see happening very soon.


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