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I could see us losing the next 3. Balt. is a better team than Pgh even WITH Ben playing. They can score points and their D, though lacking stat wise, is still capable of making some plays. And the IN Cleveland game won't be easy. They have a lot of holes but can still win some games, and will be giving us a 100% effort; this game is their Super Bowl. If we do drop to 6-6 and Ben comes back, then what?

SD - win. I don't see them losing that one.
@Dallas - I depends on the state of Dallas by then. If they are contending by then it could be a tough game.
Cinci - should win.
Cleveland - should win.

Even if we do drop the next 3, we could still end up 10-6 and in the play offs, but I am sure most of us will have already jumped off a bridge if we lose 3 in a row so we won't be alive to see the play off run.
This is an ignorant statement!!!

This isnt the Rats of last year, or 5 years ago.

Wise up, weakling!!

Steeeeelers 23 Ratturds 13!!