Leftwich is 0-6 in his last six games as a starter, his last victory coming on Oct. 8, 2006. Hopefully Haley will have him ready and play to his strengths... That long wind up throwing motion of his has always concerned me... It's not ideal for getting rid of the ball quickly in a short passing game. The Rats D will be looking to get to him very quickly. Our OL really needs to step up BIG TIME and give him some time. This will be one of the keys to this game. Lefty can still wing the ball if he has the time. I hope he has some great practices this week and shakes off any rust! The Rats will probably load up the box and see if Byron can beat them. If the Steelers can get the run game going again and the D shows up, I like our chances. God I despise that smug *ss Harbaugh! Hopefully we can knock the smug off his face!