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Thread: Redundant Thoughts 2012 Week 11 – Chiefs

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    Redundant Thoughts 2012 Week 11 – Chiefs

    1. I’ve often wondered what it must be like to attend a Monday night game in Pittsburgh and try to go to work the next morning.

    I didn’t know Big Bird was a Steelers fan

    Can we get on with this now, DBS?[/CENTER]

    3. So, the Steelers offensive coordinator was the Chiefs head coach last year right? Advantage Steelers.

    4. According to Gruden, the Chiefs “struggle against the Blitz”. Advantage Steelers.

    5. Home game. Advantage Steelers.

    6. MNF home game. Advantage Steelers.

    7. The Chiefs are quarterbacked by a person who recently got booed at a charity softball event, the Steelers by a person who has as many Super Bowl rings as Drew Brees, Peyton Manning and Philip Rivers combined.

    Advantage, Steelers.

    8. 6-3 hosting 1-7. Advantage Steelers

    9. Romeo Crennel versus pretty much anyone … Advantage Steelers.

    10. The Chiefs punter has a last name so lame that even Beavis and Butthead would be reluctant to make fun of him for risk of alienating their demographic with cheap jokes.

    Pity him, Steeler Nation …

    11. So yeah, the Steelers should spot them 10 points and make them look like world beaters.

    The Chiefs WISH they were this effective against the rest of the NFL

    12. Willie Colon “cursed” an official … that’s a penalty? Is that the “Tim Tebow rule”?

    13. When Redman dropped that ball inside the Steelers 10, I was shocked when the Steelers did not give up 7.

    14. The conditions reminded me of the Texans-Bears game. Did you gentlemen see the shot that Jay Curler took?

    15. Actually this game reminded me more of the Redskins game. Wasn’t it the Redskins game where the Steelers came out and stunk up the first half only to lock it down in the second?

    16. Every week I keep wondering: are we seeing flashes of brilliance and birth pains of a new offense or are we seeing the inevitable result of quality components in a flawed system?

    17. Keep #16 in mind and don’t look now, but Timmons appears to be turning the corner on being an impact player. That was a solid game he played this past week and he has been performing well this year.

    18. I know that the commentators and color analysts need to fill air time but we all know that Troy Polamalu is done. He will never come back. He will never be the player he once was. He will return for a couple games this year at a reduced capacity before being placed on IR. He will play 6 games next year and that will be it for him.

    19. That highlight reel catch from Wallace was a thing of beauty. Between that play and the “sprint to the endzone” last week against the Giants it makes you wonder what the Steelers upper-boundary is on Wallace’s contract number at the end of the year.

    20. I liked Tomlin's decision to go for it on 4th down at the 50 yard line in the second half. I am troubled by the lousy execution. The Chiefs looked less ready but they performed like they were more ready.

    21. Romeo Crennel will never coach a successful team, his 1-8 Chiefs team celebrating a phantom TD is my proof.

    22. Perspective: Ben is injured.
    His shoulder is injured.
    His right shoulder is injured.

    In any season a team needs a lot of skill and a little luck. Should they find themselves coming up short in either or both of those departments they are forced to fall back on things like a fortuitous schedule and (if recent advertisements are scientifically accurate) fans holding their beer bottles just right on field goals. At Heinz field on Sunday the schedule deals this team a lousy hand and I for one would be thrilled to have the game come down to a 3 point margin partially decided by properly aligned beer bottles. Ben is a great QB. The problem with great QBs is that they tend to make those around them look competent including mediocre running backs and linemen. This won't be pretty. But it should be illuminating.
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