More sex scandals in the Military with Petraues:

Not too long ago is was some of Obama's Secret Service (Marines) involved in prostitution in Columbia.

There's loads of brothels near US Military bases:

There are reports of over 1M women being used by US troops for prostitution. Most of these women part of human trafficking. Forced into these conditions. So we protect some freedom, but show a lack of respect for foreign women forced into these conditions.

I guess at the end of the day, how can we expect young men that we train to do inhumane things to have high morals? I don't blame the individuals for these mistakes. But I do think we have to hold ourselves accountable to a higher standard.

Petraues is a microcosm of an institutional problem that seems to be getting worse.

Anyone else think it's odd that Petraues resigned right after the election? Nice job, once again misleading the public.