Steelreal, welcome aboard. I 'm guessing from your post that you plan on seeing our Steelers in the playoffs. Love your enthusiasm but I'm worried right now that being already at the 6th seed spot and Ben injured....ouch !
I know Peyton was going to improve the Broncos but not as well as he did. I never would have guessed that the Colts would be in the topic. You can always count on the Ravens and the Cheats to be there and the Texans are no brainers. If we don't make the playoffs, Super Bowl I will be cheering on the Texans.

Just as a measuring stick, I wonder how many teams that lost the opener went on to the playoffs and won it all ? I'm thinking it was the Cowboys in 95 and when they beat us in the Super Bowl.....Strike that, when O"Donnell lost the Super Bowl. I wonder how many Steeler teams have lost the opener two years in a row ?