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that's very ironic coming from you, how many posts did you make coming after me on the Trib Memories thread regarding NKy before you finally decided to let it go?

I would say one too many, maybe you should learn to heed your own advice.
You liabled a man, who I consider a friend. This liable addressed his competency as a pilot and issues with addiction. You are not an expert in the field of addiction, nor were you an attendant at the incident in question. Because, you were holding a petty grudge about a message board, you decided to try to destroy a man's reputation...repeatedly. I consider it small of you. Good thing for you...NKy isn't holding you accountable for your words. I was actually surprised admin here allowed it.

If you want to hold a grudge about a quippy comment I made about your "fanship"...by all means do so. I already apologized for hurting your feelings. But, honestly grow up...there are bigger things than a message board...certainly bigger things than football.