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The Chiefs ran the ball 8 times to the right for 26 yards and up the middle 5 times for 16 yards in the second half, the Chiefs absolutely gouged them with the run game to the right and middle in the second half. Darn, I forgot, Lebeau doesn't adjust to anything, what was I thinking?

The first half was ugly and the first quarter was scary bad as the Chiefs ran to the right 12 times or 62 yards in the first half. The first quarter was 8 runs to the right for 52 yards, so that leaves the second quarter at 4 runs to the right for 10 yards. I think you're letting the first quarter skew your perception of what actually happened on the field after the first quarter.

I agree, the defense did a nice job of adjusting to the Chiefs run game. Not sure if people will open their eyes in regard to their perception of the game.