Early in the season when Goodell put his sights on New Orleans as the other team he hate, I've been rooting for a Saints / Steelers SuperBowl.

Early in the season, both of these teams seemed to be falling apart. But at the midway point, these might be 2 of the best teams in the NFL.

I was surprised last week to see the Steelers dismantle the Giants. Then this week, NO took it to Atlanta. The score was a lot closer than the play on the field. As badly maligned as NO defense is, they looked pretty darn good to me.

They got pressure on Atlanta with their front 4. They shut down Atlanta's running game. If Drew Brees didn't throw an INT on his first pass, Atlanta would have never been in this game.

And much like the Steelers all of a sudden playing good D, the Saints also have a spark in their running game all of a sudden. I've never seen this Chris Ivory kid before yesterday, but boy is he a violent runner. He's bringing the contact every touch.

As surprised as I am, it looks like there's 2 teams with momentum. NO and Pittsburgh. Who'd have thought? I'd love to see Goodell have to hand one of these teams the next Lombardi. Hopefully the Steelers of course. I want to see this matchup nightmare for the NFL. And it might not be so far fetched.