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I'm not saying you're wrong - but all I can tell you is: my father is a small business owner that was very successful. I wouldn't call him rich as we think of it today - but in our small town his income was in the top 1%. I didn't pay for college. I joined the Air Force because I was looking for a challenge and as a child of the 80's I had a strong sense of patriotism that began with Reagan in 1980. I was literally excited the day I turned 18 and went to the post office to fill out my selective service card. Of all the men and women I served with, I can't recall a single instance of any of them saying they were in the air force because they had no choice. They were all there because they wanted to be there. Now, I also recognize as a flight crew we were probably composed of individuals that had perspectives that may not have been common. I agree the airman who was tasked with emptying the $hitter may not have had the same level of appreciation as officers like myself, or my professional NCO's who served as flight engineers and loadmasters. I wasn't recruited into the air force. I sought it out. I wasn't promised anything except an opportunity to be put in situations that would challenge me and create life long memories. I can't or won't speak for the other services, but this is not the era of vietnam. There is no draft. The men and women I served with were proud, not reluctant volunteers. The men and women I served with did not join because it was their only option - for many it was simply a GREAT option.

are there men and women serving because they come from poverty and have/had no choice? I'm sure. My experience however is those are rare cases and as I said above, I can't recall a single instance over my entire career where someone admitted such circumstances as their reason for signing up.

of course, I was in the air force.

maybe you were talking about the army.........

(sorry, couldn't resist).
Well said and I agree except the last part about the Army but I would not expect any more from a "wingnut"...... And thank you for serving