Isn't it interesting that the rebirth of our ground game, with different running backs, comes at a time when the team has simplified the plays, to the point of only using 5 different running plays last week. So, they make it simple, and our rushing games springs to life. How many times have you seen both defenses and offenses greatly improve and the players and coaches admit that they simply made the schemes more simple and much fewer different plays in nature. I remember during the days of that prolific Bills O, in the 1990s, where they only had 4 different rushing plays - toss right, sprint right, toss left, sprint left - and the audibles for Kelly were simply "IF the safety comes up, we pass, if he plays back, we run" and that was about it. And those teams were powerful on offense in those days.

I am so enthused that the Steelers figured out that repetition of a few plays beats out trying to get too tricky. Let's pray that they don't forget this lesson. They should have known it all along - that's the sad part - but "better late than never" at this point.